Financial Literacy Day: Conversation with José Quiñonez *98 & Frederick Wherry *00 *04

April 28, 2021
On Thursday, April 8, in celebration of Financial Literacy Awareness Month, Frederick Wherry *00 *04 interviewed his friend and former classmate, José Quiñonez *98. Both men are passionate about extending the tools of financial literacy to vulnerable communities and empowering first-generation, low-income students to achieve in elite spaces. They spoke candidly about their own experiences and financial journeys, including the recent impacts of COVID-19.
Wherry *00 *04 is the Townsend Martin, Class of 1917 Professor of Sociology at Princeton University; Quiñonez *98 is a MacArthur Fellow and leads the award-winning Mission Asset Fund based in California. 
To view a recording of the conversation, click on this link.